Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association

Annual Scientific Meeting and Exhibition

22 – 24 August 2007, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart

The 17th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association was held in Hobart from 22 – 24 August 2007.

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Organising Committee

  • Sue Sanderson (Convenor)
  • Terri Wieczorski
  • Judi Freeman
  • Sue Hayes
  • Ella Ashley

Plenary Presentations

Innovative Program Design: Maximizing Your Program’s Potential

Ann Gavic

National Program Certification: A Lesson in Patience and Success

Ann Gavic

More honoured in the breach

Bob Lewin

Motivating Behaviour

Bob Lewin

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander diabetes and heart health – bridging the gap

Dr Graeme Maquire

How do population and behavioural views of the CR landscape help shape the path ahead for those highly skilled and dedicated practitioners delivering an excellent service to their patients in a resource poor environment?

Dr Amanda Nagle

Update of Practitioner Guidelines



Heart Manual

Bob Lewin


Sandy McKellar

Concurrent Sessions

Cultural Issues Cardiac Rehabilitation Models Psychological Issues

Evaluation of a New Cardiac Rehabilitation Program for a Culturally Diverse Population

Mr Robert Zecchin, Mrs Patricia Vail *, Mrs Mary Pettitt, Mrs Mary Owen, Mrs Gordana Kostadinovska,
Assoc.Prof Patricia Davidson, Assoc.Prof David AB Richards

Driving rehabilitation for chronic disease in NSW

Ms Robyn Speerin *, Mrs Lissa Spencer

Assessment of anxiety and depression levels in patients prior to discharge from hosptial following admission with myocardial infarction

Mrs Deborah Ludeman *, Asoc. Professor Helen McBurney

A passage to India – establishing a culturally specific Cardiac Rehabiltation program in India’s south-east

Ms Kathryn Kelly *

Home-Based Early Rehabilitation for Post Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients : A Novel Collaborative Approach

H Glinatsis *, A Kirkness, S McKinley, G Tofler, V Baker, N Marlow

The experiences of those following Acute Myocardial Infarction and Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Miss Ann-Charlotte Vittrup *

Implementation and Evaluation of the Cardiac Rehabilitation for Indigenous Communities (CRIC) project

Ms Kathy Broad

Halfway to Heartmoves: A transtional model of cardiac rehabilitation
Ms Dawn McIvor *, Dr Amanda Nagle, Mrs Deborah Huff, Ms Jody Pavlov
‘Life Links’ at Box Hill Hospital

Georgie Shoebridge *

New horizons: An Aboriginal Health Worker in cardiology at last!

Ms Julie Smith *, Ms Tyra Thomas, Ms Narelle Wilson

Development of an Internet-Based (electronic) Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Program: eOCR

Prof Kerry Mummery *, Dr. Trudy Dwyer, Dr. Rebekah Steele

Resolution of anxiety and depression after coronary artery bypass graft surgery: some get better, some get worse

Dr Barbara Murphy *, Dr Peter Elliott, Mr Michael Le Grande, Ms Rosemary Higgins, Dr Marian Worcester, Dr Alan Goble

A New Indigenous Cardiac Resource

Ms Chrissie Inglis*, Ms Alex Williams

Development and evaluation of a remote monitoring system and its application to cardiac rehabilitation

Dr Charles Worringham *, Dr Ian Stewart, Prof. Anthony Parker, Mr. Robert Boyd, Ms. Amanda Rojek

Evaluating a cognitive behavioural intervention for cardiac patients: results from the pilot study

Ms Rosemary Higgins *, Dr Marian Worcester, Ms Fiona Mitchell, Dr Peter Elliott, Ms Hema Navaratnam, Dr Barbara Murphy

Cardiac Rehabilitation Heart Failure Risk Factors
Development and preliminary testing of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Enrolment Obstacles (CREO) scale

Ms Ritin Fernandez *, Dr Yenna Salamonson, Dr Craig Juergens, Prof. Rhonda Griffiths, Associate Prof.
Patricia Davidson

Four Year Outcomes – The Royal Melbourne Hospital Cardiomyopathy Service

Ms Monica Kerlin *, Dr William Chan, Dr Anu Aggarwal, Dr James Wong, Dr Leeanne Grigg

Collaborative Weight Management Program for Patients with Coronary Heart Disease and Type II Diabetes

Mrs Ann Kirkness *, Ms Nicole Costello, Mrs Tania Bennett, Mrs Robyn Gallagher, Mr Brad Marney

Validation of the Revised Cardiac Rehabilitation Preference Form in the Australian setting

Ms Ritin Fernandez, Dr Yenna Salamonson, Dr Craig Juergens, Prof Rhonda Griffiths, A/Prof Patricia

Managing Chronic Heart Failure in a rural Primary Care setting using Medicare Chronic Disease
Management funding: a collaborative approach

Ms Jane Gordon *

TARGET 94:80

Clare Kreis, Hermien Potgieter, Matthew Pullen, Paul Vandersee, Pamela Horsley, Sandy McKellar *, Jan McKenzie, Linda Preston, Julanne Hatcher, Helen Callum

Saving lives with cardiac rehabilitation: why don’t people attend outpatient cardiac rehabilitation programs?

Dr Tina Jones *, Ms Wendy Keech, Ms Kathy Read

SJOG Free private cardiac maintenance program 24 month assessment
Mrs Emma Boston *, Mrs Rebecca Symons, Ms Claire Ferguson, Mrs Simone Weremijenko
Using the Heart Wise: Dietary Habits Questionnaire as a tool for nutrition education at Cardiac rehabilitation in a public hospital

Mrs Helen Porteous *, Miss Louise Smith, Mrs Rosemary Robinson

The multidisciplinary Cardiac Rehabilitation program: a template for inter-professional learning

Ms Christina Thompson *, Mrs Sasha Bennett, Mrs Pamela Cohen

Impact of a Community Based Chronic Heart Failure Service in a chronic a complex elderly population

Mrs Peita Price *, Miss Margaret Ryan, Mr Adam Kurzel, Mrs Lara Watson, Ms Brooke Treacher, Dr
Leeanne Grigg, Dr Dominica Zentner,

Patient-centered modular secondary prevention following acute coronary syndrome: A randomised controlled trial

Ms Julie Redfern *, Dr Tom Briffa, Dr Elizabeth Ellis, Prof Ben Freedman

Confidence to initiate cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a family member

Dr Trudy Dwyer, Ms Kerry Reid Searl*

Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs) – The “Shocking” Truth and an Action Plan

Ms Ann Kirkness *


The following posters were presented in printed format during the conference.

Efficacy of a Six Week Reduced Heart Function Exercise Program: Exercise Prescription & Program Outcomes

Mr James Banks *, Ms Meredyth Morris

Brief structured interventions for risk factor modification in patients with coronary artery disease: evidence for clinical practice

Ms Ritin Fernandez, Prof Rhonda Griffiths, Ms Bronwyn Evertt, Dr Yenna Salamonson, Dr Sharon Andrews, A/Prof Patricia Davsdon

Cardiac failure domiciliary services improves quality of life and reduces hospital admissions and length of stay

Mrs Adrienne Caulfield *

Phase 1 Cardiac Rehabilitation Evaluation

Mrs Mary Weglowski *

Scar management following cardiac surgery

Mrs Lyn Corby *, Mrs Tarryn Odes *

The Integration of Functional Activities in Cardiac Rehabilitation

Mrs Penny Hill *

Adapting Cardiac Education Programmes to Meet Patient’s Needs: A Success?

Miss Bridget Abell *, Dr Tony Neaverson, Ms Christine Barnes, Mr Paul Rudkin

An audit of a decade and a half of Heart Research Centre training programs

Ms Rosemary Higgins *, Dr Marian Worcester, Dr Alan Goble, Ms Emma Llewelyn

Improved self management of heart failure in the community

Gascard, D, Manning, A., & Baird, D.

Implementation of the Heartmoves Integrated Referral Model in Tasmania – building community capacity to support patients post-cardiac rehabilitation through non-traditional partnerships

Ms Barbara Carter *

I Didn’t Know I was Having A Heart Attack, A narrative approach

Ms Carolyn Brand *, Ms Carolyn Conway *

Supporting Patients to Improve their Lifestyle Risk Factors – Heart Foundation Initiatives

Mrs Clare Fowler *, Ms Rachelle Foremen

Chronic Heart Failure – A community Based Approach

Mrs Peita Price *, Miss Margaret Ryan *, Mr Adam Kurzel, Mrs Lara Watson, Dr Leeanne Grigg, Dr Dominica Zentner

Cardiovascular Rehabilitation within the Community of Redcliffe

Mr Craig Roberts *, Mrs Jane Houghton *, Mrs Leanne Gaskill *

Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs, Attendance and Social Support in Tasmania

Katerine Fontaine, Associate Professor Felicity Allen

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