NAHC Conference Proceedings
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The 7th National Allied Health Conference was held in Hobart from 18 - 20 August 2007.

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Web link: www.proceedings.com.au/nahc.




A map for the future: An explanation of the change process undertaken by a state wide service for children
Terry Lyons, Wendy Wake-Dyster
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A multidisciplinary approach to care for patients with hip and knee osteoarthritis
Dr Richard H Osborne, Dr Caroline Brand, Catherine Jones, Melanie Hawkins, Maree Roberts, Prof Stephen E Graves, Richard de Steiger, Prof Ian Wicks
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"A strategic approach to allied health clinical education"
Carol Jewell , Elizabeth Cashill
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Accredited Provider Panels - unlocking the black box of quality, consistency and accessibility
Jeanette Walters , Deborah Law
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“Actualising Research” - an evidence driven model for Allied Health
Dr Lynette Joubert, Ralda Bourne
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Allied e.health – innovation for services & students
Lin Oke , Anne Gordon, Alison Smith
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Allied Health Clinical Information Project
Alison Jones , Dr Katherine Moore
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“Allied Health On-Line” : a web-based, problem focused, collaborative teaching tool for Allied Health
Dr Lynette Joubert , Jane Henderson
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Allied Health ReConnect Project - Researching the re-entry of Allied Health professionals to the NSW public health system workforce
Vesna Slepcev
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"Allied Health" - what's in a name?
Shelagh Lowe , Robyn Adams, Ann O'Kane
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Allied Health - Where to after being a Clinician: Who wants to be a leader?
Josephine Kitch , Lorraine Johnston
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An innovative and collaborative approach to addressing workforce issues across Allied Health
Annette Leong , Stella Kravtsov, Debra Leahy
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An Integrated Clinical Education Model For Allied Health Students
Robyn Smith, Prof Karen Dodd, Dr Megan Davidson, Jenni Smith, Meredith O'Loughlan
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An integrated multidisciplinary model: patient and staff benefits
Dr Alison Mudge , Kathleen Richter , Jack Bell
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Behind closed doors: Rehabilitation team members’ experiences of case conferences
Anne Croker
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Better skills, best care: a workforce redesign initiative A Physiotherapist led Orthopaedic Clinic – Working Together to Improve Patient Waiting Times.
Jenni Smith , Hugh Burch, Havinda Bedi, Miron Goldwasser, Dr Leonie Oldmeadow, Edmund Leahy
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Brave, Foolish or Visionary? The quest for excellence in supportive care
Elizabeth Pearson, Rachel Dalton, Elizabeth Ballinger, Dr Annabel Pollard, Gwenda Roberts David Dawes, Louise Dobbie
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Building Consensus: Involving Stakeholders in Structure Design
Elizabeth Cashill
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Challenging the traditional paradigm: recognition of cultural knowledge in a Hospital structure
Lorraine Parsons , Eileen Van Iersel
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Clinician Lead Credentialing: a collaborative approach
Ralda Bourne, Lisa Somerville
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Clinical Governance: Embedding a New Approach
Elizabeth Cashill
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Collaboration Works
Margie Nolan
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Community rehabilitation workforce competencies – skills, abilities, knowledge, behaviours and attitudes which transcend the boundaries of professional disciplines
Delena Amsters
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Connecting health professionals across the miles: using the SPOT Interdisciplinary Pain Screening Tool with clients with spinal cord injury throughout Queensland
Nicola Hunter , Carey Bayliss
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Defining Allied Health in the current and future health workforce
Thelma Burnett
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Development and implementation of an advanced Allied Health assistant providing physiotherapy support in acute care
Cathy Nall , Belinda Cary
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Developing competency in project management for Allied Health students
Carol McKinstry , Dr Tracy Fortune
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Development of a Dietetic Support Worker - Workforce Redesign
Lee Bell
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Development of a multi-disciplinary service model to transition young adults with complex care needs from paediatric to adult services
Bernadette Shannon , Dr Michael Fahey, Assoc. Prof. Barry Rawicki, Christine Blackburn, Elizabeth Mackenzie
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Developing the assistant role in community rehabilitation
Angela Wood, Allana Clark
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Elective Angiography- Interprofessional Teams: more than education
Prof Mary J Lovegrove , Prof Niki Ellis
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Evaluating the Allied Health Workforce Consultation Process
Thelma Burnett
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Evaluation of a program to triage and manage patients with low Back pain referred to a physiotherapy-led orthopaedic outpatient clinic
Cathy Nall , Belinda Cary
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Evaluation of a university-based interprofessional learning unit for final year Allied Health students
Matthew Oates , Helen Cleak, Dianne Williamson, Georgia Dacakis, Glenys French
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Expert Transfers in Stroke Rehabilitation: A Safety Rehabilitation Review
Robert Mehan , Meaghan Mackenzie, Dr Kim Brock
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Extending the boundaries: linking Allied Health and economics
Natasha Layton , Ingrid Schraner, Jane Bringolf
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Family Conferences - When the evidence challenges the assumptions
Sue Cumming
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Final year students' perception of role models within diagnostic radiography based on clinical experience
Alinya Conway , Dr Sarah Lewis, John Robinson
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From Allied who to Allied wealth. Changing the culture of an organisation to recognise the value  and contribution of Allied Health in a major metropolitan health service
Natalie Sullivan
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Getting Allied Health Careers off to a "Flying Start" in Scotland
Linda Harris
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Helping People with Spina Bifida make the transition to Adult Services: A Collaborative and Interprofessional Approach
Virginia English , Marian Forrest
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Now we have the data, what does it mean?
Wendy Rowell , Janet Millner, Barbara Moerd, Karen Reynolds, Leonie Steindl, Jean Symes
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Identification of a workforce – Allied Health Professionals in Country South Australia
Elaine Ashworth
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Identifying, nurturing and rewarding our inter professional leaders
Judy Stone
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Implementation of Evidence Based Medicine: Driven by Allied Health Collaboration Between Clinical Nutrition and Surgeons at Melbourne Health
Michele Hughes , Lisa Schneider, Ben Thomson
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Implementing Evidence in Allied Health (AH): Is it easier said than done?
Saravana Kumar, Leah Nyland , Mathew Prior
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Indicator for Intervention: An Allied Health collaboration
Bo Li , David Stokes
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Innovative Tool in Measuring Health Care Outcomes
Saravana Kumar, Leah Nyland, Mathew Prior
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Interdisciplinary Student Placement in Community Rehabilitation
Judith Nance , Angela Wood
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Interprofessional Learning coordinators: a new initiative with positive gains
Dr Cheryl Hobbs, Deborah McGregor , Gillian Nisbet
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Leading the way: A case study of Tablet PC use by Allied Health Therapists
Louise Schaper
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LifeMoves and LikeMinds: Interdisciplinary and client-centered approaches to psychosocial adjustment
Jane Hepenstall
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Making Sense of YACDC
Karen Phipps, Barbara Scoullar, Dr Genevieve Kennedy
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Managing Demand on Allied Health Community and Outpatient Services
Angela Wood , Anita Fairfull
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“Many disciplines on an island”- Allied Health participation in an Australian Medical Assistance Team in Java: a physiotherapist’s experience
Nicholas Buttigieg
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"Many disciplines on an island" - Allied Health participation in an Australian Medical Assistance Team: the pharmacist's perspective
Dr Julie McMorrow
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Model of Care in the Provision of Slow Stream Rehabilitation for Adult Inpatients with Acquired Brain Injury
Carlee Holmes , Lidia Davies
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National Treasury Reforms to the Allied Health Workforce: Stirring the Melting Pot
Ruth Kershaw
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NSW Allied Health Advisory Network - Linking Allied Health disciplines
Brenda McLeod
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Navigating Depression: A Road Map for Health Professionals, Patients and Carers
Kirsten Yates , Sonia Thomas, Emily Johnson, Pat Sheridan
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No discipline is an island – but neither are we interconnected!
Robyn Smith , Jenni Smith, Meredith O'Loughlan, Dr Megan Davidson, Prof Karen Dodd
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Partnerships Work! A multi-agency approach to rural allied health recruitment and retention: the learnings and challenges
Kate Cuss , Trevor Marshall, Janene Ridley, Janine Holland, Belinda Skelton, Wayne Weaire, Jenny Donnelly
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Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology – where are the boundaries for exercise prescription?
Marie-Louise Bird , Dr James Fell
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Piecing it all together - Interdisciplinary Collaboration in a Child Protection Context
Susan Hill
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Preventing Avoidable Decline in Older Patients in the Acute Hospital Setting
Andrea Giebel , Dr Alison Mudge
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Preparing our students for future practice: influencing attitudes towards teamwork
Gillian Nisbet , Dr Parisa Aslani, Stewart Barnet, Dr Steven Cumming, Professor Stewart Dunn, Associate Professor Tim Shaw, Associate Professor Jill Thistlethwaite
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Primary Contact Physiotherapists in the Emergency Department - a unique approach to assist withemergency demand
Andrew Hely
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Professional Issues Forum Health informatics/Health IT for Allied Health
Louise Schaper , Margaret Hasting
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Putting the wheels back on
Lesley Thornley , Phillipa Neads
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Quality lessons from the Flight Deck
Dr Tom Hartley
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Queensland Health Systems review - What has Allied Health really gained - a Southern Area Health Service Perspective
Julie Connell , Jenny Sturgess
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Responding to the depressed elderly in emergency : establishing linkages between sub-acute, primary and community care'
Dr Lynette Joubert
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Recruitment and retention strategies for rural Allied Health – a city/country partnership
Maryann Schubert , Julie Connell
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Redesigning Allied Health Outpatients: Lean Thinking applications to Allied Health
Josephine Kitch, Brenda Crane, Prof. David Ben-Tovim
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Responding to a "window of opportunity": the detection and management of aged abuse in an acute and sub-acute health care setting
Dr Lynette Joubert , Meghan O'Brien
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Social relations and rural Allied Health workforce retention: Implications for policies and organisational management
Dr Adrian Schoo, Associate Prof. Kevin O'Toole , Dr Karen Stagnitti, Kate Cuss
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Social Work leading the way - Outpatient Intensive Support Program (OPIS)
Paula Hyland , Barbara Batten
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Strategies for achieving AH research development
Dr David Nilsson , Dr Lynette Joubert, Robyn Smith
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Supervision – A Journey towards Best Practice
Wendy Rowell , Jill Thiele
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Support Workers in Community Rehabilitation: Evidence from a Systematic Review of the Literature
Saravana Kumar, Leah Nyland , Matthew Sutton
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The community access & socialisation group at the Barrett Adolescent Centre - a successful model of adolescent social skills training
Angela Clarke , Sharon Alexis, Danielle Corbett, David Ward, Rhiannon Gibbs
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The role of the Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist in the Post Acute Care Service (Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney, NSW). A multidisciplinary CAPAC service
Amanda Trist , Adele Kelly
Presentation not available


The opportunities and challenges of providing nationally recognised training and career progression for support workers in nutrition
Angela Vivanti , Michelle Suter, Judith Aliakbari, Merrilyn Banks
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Two way communication: The importance of a guiding framework to the effective delivery of speech pathology services by support workers
Marie Atherton
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The implementation of primary health care policy in rural and remote Australia – a place for visionary leadership?
Shelagh Lowe , Assoc Professor Rosalind Bull, Professor Judith Walker
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The team meeting in sub-acute inpatient services: changing to an interdisciplinary issues-based approach
Susan Fone , Janne Williams
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When you're 'it'- An exploration of transdisciplinary Allied Health services
Heather Jensen , Fran Vaughn
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Who really funds undergraduate fieldwork education?
Thelma Burnett
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Wise Old Kiwis Working Towards a Future Workforce
Janice Mueller
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Workforce development: Aboriginal Traineeships in an acute Allied Health setting
Josephine Kitch , Samantha Johns, Sharon Somerville
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Working collaboratively in the development of a credentialing program for Allied Health professionals
Janet Whelan , Larraine Millar
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Working together to support Caravan Park Residents
Phoebe Begg , Julie McBride, Dr Graeme Stuart
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