Seafood Directions 2007 Conference Proceedings
31 October 2 November, 2007, Hotel Grand Chancellor
Hobart, Tasmania

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Sponsors Address
FRDC Presentation
Patrick Hone, FRDC

Keynote Speaker: Climate Change
Observed physical & Bio-Geochemical Changes in the Ocean

Nathan Bindoff, ACE CRC, CSIRO MAR, University of Tasmania

Keynote Speaker: Co-Management
Co-Management: An International Overview & Letting Go The Reins
Peter Rogers, CEO, Department of Fisheries, WA

1100 1245


Federation Concert Hall

Developing Trust
Bardy McFarlane, Chairman, Seafood Council of South Australia

Research In Co-Management
Malcolm Haddon, A/Professor, Tasmanian Aquaculture & Fisheries Institute

Empowering Stakeholders to Initiate & Advance R&D Projects in the Seafood Industry
Ian Knuckey, Fishwell Consulting


Ballroom 2/3

Climate Change Impacts on the Marine Environment
Ken Ridgway, Oceanographer, CSIRO

Impacts of Climate Change on Australian Fisheries & Aquaculture
Alistair Hobday, CSIRO & University of Tasmania

Development of a National Climate Change Response Plan for Fisheries & Aquaculture
Will Zacharin, PIRSA Fisheries



1345 1530

Federation Concert Hall

Four Decades of Swimming Against the Tide
Eddie Hegerl, Director, Marine Ecosystem Policy Advisors

Fisheries Co-Management: Value Proposition & Consequences for Fishers & Management Agencies
Will Zacharin, PIRSA



Facilitated Panel Discussion

Facilitator -

Panel Overview
Amabel Fulton

Rural Development Services

Panelists -

The Challenge of Rapid Expansion
Frances Bender & David Wood
Huon Aquaculture Company

The New Zealand Seafood Industry Training Organisation
Rolly Raureti

Sector Manager (Seafood Processing)

Fit For Work (Part A) - Drug & Alcohol Program
John Atkinson

Human Resources Manager, MG Kailis Pty Ltd

How Healthy is the Australian Seafood Industry?
Tanya Adams

Taylored Health & Safety Pty Ltd





Keynote Speaker: Accreditation
Fisheries Accreditation in Australia
Donna Petrachenko, First Assistant Secretary, Marine & Biodiversity Division, DEW
Paper Presentation

Keynote Speaker: Changing Markets
Trends & Traps (QuickTime Movie)
Roger Berkowitz, President & CEO, Legal Seafoods, Boston USA

1100 1245




MSC Was it worth it? The WA Rock Lobster Experience
Ron Edwards, Chairman, Rock Lobster Industry Advisory Committee

ISO Accreditation Standards in Fisheries The Aquaculture Experience
Serena Zipf, Rocky Point Prawn Farm, Queensland

Environmental management Systems Their Role in Coastal Fisheries
Tim Mirabella, Chairman, VBIFA; Deputy Chairman, Seafood Industries Victoria



Seafood Secrets
Paul Catalano, Business Manager, Catalano Seafoods

Australia's Biggest Seafood Destination
Gus Dannoun, Sydney Fish Market

Position of Australian Southern Rocklobster
Fisher Direct

Matt Muggleton, Development Manager, Southern Rocklobster Limited

1345 1530


Fish & Chips: Lessons in Sustainability
Certification From the Forest Sector

Hans Drielsma, Executive General Manager, Forestry Tasmania, Director AFS Limited, Director, PEFC Council



Trade Practices Act Implications for the Seafood Industry
Peter Clemes, Regional Director, ACCC

A Seafood Revolution Just a Click Away
Alan Snow & Sharon Parkes, Alan Snow Konsulting

Seafood Experience Australia
Robert Cox, Seafood CRC